The Mask of King Teres, catalog number I /10



Material: brass; golden plated brass
Size of the plstic: 16,5 x 14 sm.
Size of the wooden base: 20 x 20 sm.


Material: brass; golden plated brass
Plastic size:
Size of the wooden base: 30 х 30 sm. 
Note: It is possible to be made a wooden box for official presents (32,5 x 32,5 sm.)

The mask is an art interpretation.

About 2 km. south of Shipka town, around “Svetitsata” area, in a sarcophagus digged in a granite stone, the remains of a Thracian ruler’s funeral were found. It is supposed that these are the remains of the Thracian King Teres. In the sarcophagus was also found a unique golden mask made of 23 carats cold and weighing 690 grams. The funeral is authentic keeping the model of the Orphic religious traditions. There were found only the remains of the body and the bones but not the head.
According to the Orphic traditions dead is nothing else but a way to immortality and in the ancient times such masks had a role to bring their bearer unimpeded trough the land of dead to the new life. So far the scientists reject this hypothesis and no matter that it is compared with the Mikena masks and that it resembles King Agamamnon’s, mask found by Shliman in Mikena, Teres’s mask is different. The scientists think that this mask is a “mask-fiala”.
Teres I is a Thracian Odrissian ruler who reigned around the end of 6-th BC. He was Spardok and Sytalk’s father . He was the first who united the Odrissians tribes and established a large and powerful Odrissian Kingdom with a center the region of Kazanlak town. He had many successful battles with the Greeks and Macedonians and has a strong diplomatic relations with the Skits after his daughter’s marriage with the Skits’ ruler Ariapit. He died 448 year BC at age of 92.