The Helmet of Seuthes III, Catalog Number I /2

Material: brass, patina
Size: 1) 21 cm., 2) big size

During the excavation of “Golyama Kocmatka”, the archeologist found a full set of accoutrements of the Thracian ruler: shield, mahaira (crooked Thracian sword), horse ammunitions, as well as some golden pots for drinking wine, etc. It is interesting that the Thracian accoutrement is decorated with ornaments aiming to protect and defend the worrier from his enemy. They also show his status.
The helmet itself is not the typically Thracian (like the ones which end with round, long spire resembling a metal stock) – it is closer to the classic one. Three things catch the attention: the helmet takes the form of a phallus, which is quite logical since the ruler is accepted as the live symbol of fertility; on the forehead there is an application of the Mother-Goddess decorated with the symbols of victory and wisdom; the helmet leaves all senses open but all weak points on the head are protected.
This helmet can be bought separately or together with the brass casting of Seuthes III’s head.