Medallion Tangle, catalog number III /15

Material: silver
Two types: 1) solid / 2) decorative
Weight: 1) 19 gr. / 2) 17 gr.

Note.: Please keep in mind that 99% of the work is handmade and it takes time. Minimal technological time for making one and 10 sets is one month. It would be much better if you order more then one set at a time. You will save your time and our time!

This sign is very interesting with its shape and its meaning. This symbol is Celtic and is typical for the Celtic art works with mythological meaning. It looks very complicated but if you watch the tangle carefully you will see that it is actually very simple and there is no end and no beginning. The sign impresses with its difficulty and simplicity. Rounded in a circle, the tangle has meaning of infinity – infinity of the Space and the life in its existential meaning.