Set Griffins, catalog number III /11

Material: silver
The set contains: 1) Set of earrings: 2) Ring; 3.1) Necklace – 2 Grigffins; 3.2) Necklace – big Griffin; 4) Bracelet
Size of the elements: 1) Earrings – 8 gr.; 2) Ring – 7 gr.; 3.1) Necklace 2 Griffins – 10 gr.; 3.2) Necklace big Griffins – 8 .; 4) Bracelet – 20 gr.

Note.: Every one of the components in the set can be ordered separately.

Souvenirs :
• Type “Picture”
• Note book
• Key holder

Note.: Please keep in mind that 99% of the work is handmade and it takes time. Minimal technological time for making one and 10 sets is one month. It would be much better if you order more then one set at a time. You will save your time and our time!

The world knows about the Griffins much more than the Greek mythology but they originally come from somewhere else. They could come from the Thracian mythology because their role in the Thracian beliefs is very important and their images are very used as symbols. The Griffin is a creature which combines the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. He controls the air space and in that meaning he is a mediator between the earth and the sun. The lion symbolic in the Thracian beliefs has two meanings: the God-Sun and the ruler. The eagle is also connected to the God-Sun but the young one – the crown prince. In that meaning it is possible for the Griffin to express the Thracian principal for inheriting the throne.