Picture "The Battle with the Amazons", I / 8

Material: brass, patina, silver plate is possible, silver; decorated wooden frame or wooden (marble) base
2 sizes: Big - about 62 х 32 cm.; small– 16 х 7,5 cm.

The Amazons – mystical and magnetic women-warriors are known from the Greek mythology. The legend tells that this tribe of women accepted a man among them only when they needed new warriors in their army. If a baby girl was born, they brought it up as a warrior more dangerous than any other man; if he was a boy they left him in the forest for the wild animals. Another story tells that they cut one of their breasts in order to strengthen better the muscles of the hand which held the sword. They were never conquered and were rarely captured. Even the Greek solders were afraid of them. Actually, nobody knows whether they were a myth or they really existed. Though their name is associated with the Amazonian jungle, some scientists suppose that this tribe inhabited the land in Minor Asia and Bulgaria.

The Greek mythology keeps the record of a battle between the Greeks and the Amazons, in which the leader of the Amazons was captured. The Greek ruler was in love with her and wanted her to become his wife but she refused proudly. Then he decided to take her against her will. But this decision cost the Greek too much. It provoked the anger of the Amazons and they fought with ferocity and rage to defend their leader. At the end of the story the Greek ruler made her his wife though at a very high price.

The art picture (the replica and the original) probably depicts that battle. There is a similar frieze in the temple of Apollo in Bassa.