Rhyton in the shape of a horse, catalog number I /4 b

Material: brass (silver plate is possible), silver, patina
Size: about 22 cm., weight in a brass 987 gr.

It is one of most beautiful and most character objects of the Thracian ritual art. The original was found in as part of the “Treasury of Russe” and is silver and gold plated. In Thracian ritual life, it belonged to the wine drinking set. It was used during the Dionysus festivities but it is quite possible to have been used for some other purposes like diplomatic meetings, purifying rituals etc. The rhyton resembles a horn as a symbol of “the horn of plenty”. I was probably was used only by the Thracian rulers because their image was connected with fertility. The horse, in mythology, is a zoomorphic personification of the outer space, cosmos. It was a sacred animal for the ancient Thracians. The Thracian rulers were always buried with their favorite horses to be together in after life. This is proved by the many horse skeletons found in the tombs next to the body of the ruler.