Rhyton in the shape of a bull, catalog number I /4 a

Material: brass (silver plate is possible), silver, patina
Size: about 18 cm., weight in a brass 900 gr.

The phyton is one of most beautiful and most character objects of the Thracian ritual art. Our rhyton is an art interpretation of the original found in the “Treasury of Russe” in the town of Russe. The original is silver, gold plated at places and has a lot of ornaments. The rhyton was a part of the wine drinking set. It was used during the Dionysus festivities. The rhyton resembles a horn, as a symbol of “the horn of plenty”. It probably was used only by the Thracian rulers because their image was connected with fertility. It should not be touched by a woman because the rhyton belonged to the male world of Sun–God, which is visible by its shape of a bull. In the mythology, the bull is a solar symbol of fertility. Very often the Thracian ruler himself was associated with a bull.